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Expanded Support Teams

When it comes to a General Agent, what differentiates us from the competition is our unparalleled level of service and support.

Dedicated Archon Support Team

As an Archon Broker Partner you will enjoy access to an Archon Expanded Support Team with immediate response, incredible follow-through, and the fastest turnaround times in the industry. Your Archon Expanded Support Team will include industry experts, with extensive knowledge and experience, to help you retain existing clients and acquire new business.

Dedicated Carrier Support Teams

Through our size, scale, and reputation, Archon has earned Dedicated Support with all of the major insurance carriers of the ancillary market.  These Carrier Support Teams have been set up only for Archon account management.

In turn, our Broker Partners enjoy the unique advantage of:

  • Faster Turnaround Times
  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Immediate Access to New and Innovative Products

Group Marketing Resource

  • Ancillary plan design review and consult to determine appropriate coverage and changes
  • RFP marketing, spreadsheeting, renewal negotiation
  • Presentation material creation
  • Onsite / Virtual enrollment support
  • Ongoing account management

Archon Consolidated Billing Solution

Eliminates billing headaches.

  • Ben Admin & Carrier Agnostic!
  • Consolidate all ancillary and medical bills to one seamless platform
  • Administer, reconcile, and pay self bill invoices
  • Reconciliation reporting

Absence Management Consultation

In today’s environment that involves complexities of state and federally mandated leave allowances, with paid leave, family leave, and even the latest COVID-19 related emergency leave legislation intricacies, it’s important to have a resource in place to offload this burden.

You can rely on Archon to consult on a best practices policy, and aid in establishing one of our best in class partners to actively manage and administer your absence & leave policies.

Archon Disability Audits

Are you familiar with Maximum Capacity Language? Part Time Work Requirement? Mandatory Rehab? Tax Choice?

Provisions like these are buried in disability contracts. Archon will perform contract audits to ensure your clients have the most favorable Long-Term Disability contract language to maximize disability payments.

Archon Actuarial Services

  • Dental, Vision & Disability analytics for both fully-insured and self-insured business
  • Budget/funding rates self funded plans
  • Long-term plan sustainability analytics and review
  • Identify cost-containment opportunities
  • Evaluate plan changes to premium impacts
  • Project future claim costs
  • Ensure accurate plan ratings for new and renewal business

Benefits Overview and Other Custom Materials

Our marketing team will create a comprehensive, professionally designed interactive benefits overview package for your clients. When presented to employees, a well-structured overview will support their Human Resources department in proactively answering questions and demonstrate value to both current and prospective employees.

We have several templates to choose from and can customize further based on individual needs.

We can also provide any additional custom branded materials that will assist you and your clients in a successful partnership.

Enrollment and Communication Services

Enrollment services are critical for delivering proper open enrollment education and maximizing employee engagement for greater participation and product utilization.

Understanding that each group has different requirements, Archon remains agnostic partnering with a number of top-rated, national enrollment firms to implement the best fit for each client delivering a customized implementation strategy every time.

Archon and our partners provide:

Trained communication specialists for onboarding all lines of coverage (not just ancillary).

Communication services.

Perpetual enrollment and year round support.

Analytic review post open enrollment.

Customized enrollment campaigns (pre-awareness, multi-situs location support via onsite, call center, and virtual one-on-one’s).

Ready To Find Out More?

We’d love to hear from you. Our team welcomes the opportunity to work with all brokers looking to enhance, streamline, and grow their benefits business. Simply fill out the form below and an Archon Ancillary Benefits Consultant will get back to you.

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